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On those days that most kite flyers dread the " Low Wind / No Wind Days ", there is still fun to be had by all. If you are one of us lucky fliers you will have a Desire UL or a Luna Moth UL in your kite bag for these days. Boomerangs will fly in no wind, low wind and medium wind conditions. When the wind becomes strong enough to fly kites get the kites out and put away your boomerangs.

New for us this year is the Air-Yo displayed above in the center photo's the Air-Yo is a teathered flying ring. The Air-Yo is a 33" dia. ripstop nylon disc with a carbon fiber frame. Idel for use indoors or outside in very low wind conditions. Excellent fun for all ages. This is a must for those no wind day flying.

Boomerangs are one choice for the days that there is absolutely no wind to fly most kites. Easily tucked into your kite bag or under the front seat of your vehicle a boomerang is a lot of fun for adults and children 10 years and older. Boomerangs are serious, high speed fun for adults and mature children. Boomerangs require practice to be good with them, much like the kites that you fly. Very few flyers picked up kite lines and were good at flying from the beginning. As with kites very few Boomerang flyers are very good from the first throw, it takes lots of practice, this I know from my own experiences. Stay at it you will get good at having the boomerang return right into your hands.

You may start your own selection of boomerangs for different wind conditions and different sized fly fields. See my selection of quality boomerangs & accessories. You may,ay also keep a couple of entry level rang's for the kids or that person who stops by and cannot be leave that a boomerang really comes back. Let them try and watch the look on their faces the first time the boomerang returns to them.

See our section click on the Aerobie logo. For those of you that may have younger children that fly with you, I have fun no wind toys for the youngsters as well as the young at heart. Watch the Aerobie page for new and exciting products.

This is a new page that I will build on over the next few weeks. Stay in touch and watch this selection grow.

Courtesy of Wallaby Boomerang Company.

We always want to believe that boomerang was a weapon designed for hunting. Aboriginal peoples in Australia used it to lure prey. A boomerang was thrown above a flock of birds to simulate a hawk. The birds would fly low to avoid this threat, coming within range of hunter's clubs or tangling themselves in nets stretched across their path.

Before the boomerang was the killing-stick (about 300 grams, no aerodynamic profile, and non-returning, even if the target was missed) which was thrown horizontally and could stun an animal within close range In opposition to the Killing stick, the boomerang was lighter and profiled as an airplane wing It would come back with more or less accuracy towards the thrower and was already used as a game in several ancient civilizations.

Both objects are often mixed up, and apart from the fact they both originate from Australia, Europe, or Egypt ( a collection of boomerangs was founded in the tomb of king Tutankhamen), they have nothing in common.

Boomerangs never hit anything and this is the reason why Australians were inspired to create the first rule of the sport: the accuracy event, a perfect throw with return to the point of origin.

In 1969 was born The Australian Boomerang Association. They created the main events that we Know today. The Americans followed and included new events such as M.T.A, doubling, free-style, and team events.

The boomerang phenomenon has then reached Europe and Japan. The very first world cup was held in 1988 in Australia In 1991 the World Boomerang Association was created, with the mandate to promote the sport and organize international professional competitions.

The boomerang, mysterious and magical object, aged of many thousand years, has come to us under new shapes, more modern and manageable. They are made with very resistant wood: birch of finland, used in the fabrication of planes few decades ago.
Each shape is designed in order to give it the best wind resistance possible. After tests in flight, they are ready for the final decoration, hand painted. Each has their own motifs, which give them their uniqueness. Several layers of varnish give the object a better resistance to climatic conditions.

All boomerangs, although there's only one way to throw them, have their own particularities. Depending on their shape and weight they will have a different trajectory; shorter or longer, higher or lower, proper to its function.

Of course they are all guaranteed to come back, but the reading of the instruction pamphlet is necessary in order to be able to use it easily: you will then have the satisfaction to follow the spectacular evolution of this ancient object.

Point at the images above to see the correct angles for holding and throwing your boomerangs.      

Point at the images above to see the correct way to throw and catch your boomerangs.

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