Kites for Kids

Question ........When do kids start flying kites & what kite should I buy them ?


Answer .........I have seen 2 year olds with single line kites and I have seen a seven year old fly a dual line kite at a sport kite completion. The answer is, there is no right or wrong age.


Single line kites, a beginning.   

With adult assistance and supervision, children over 2 years of age should be able to fly kites that have been launched. The attention span of children under the age of six is quite often short. Many times at the kite field we will see a single line kite tied to a stroller. From time to time the child in the stroller will take the line and tug on it as if flying the kite. The child is not really flying the kite, but without question the child knows that the kite responds when they tug the line.

Generally speaking a child about the age of 6 will have success solo launching and flying a single line kite. Kites of more complex designs will still require assembly by adults.

You may find that young children tend to fly the kite for a few minutes and grow tired of it. This means that you will have some fun flying the kite while the children are taking a breather. Rest assured that when the kids see you having fun flying their kite they will return and want to fly again. For pointers and helpful hints see page on flying single line kites.

Dual line kites, the next step.

When are children ready to fly dual line kites? This is a question I am asked almost every day. The answer is not a simple one. I have handed a seven year old kite lines after a few minuets instruction and watched him fly as if he had been doing it for years. I have also handed an adult kite lines after the same first lesson and watch them crash over and over again. The adult thinks that there is something wrong with the kite, the child knows there is not. The right time to get a child or an adult a dual line kite is when they ask for one. For pointers and helpful hints see the page on flying sport kites.

Memorable experiences

Remember learning to ride a bike or drive a car. Both experiences were at the very least memorable if not frightening at times. Learning to fly your kite is another one of those moments you will remember forever. Flying a dual line kite is not difficult, it does takes practice to become good.



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