Attaching line to a string bridal

Single Line Attachment   

This larks head knot is found almost every place a line is attached to a kite. When attaching a line to a single line kite use the larks head knot to attach a fishing swivel to the end of your line. You then attach the swivel to your kite. The swivel will prevent the line from twisting when the kite does loops and dives. This method allows you to use the same line with a variety of kites, removing and attaching the line with ease. Never tie a line to your kite bridle point!

NOTE: For single line kites see multiple bridle points.

Dual line Attachment

With dual line kites attach your line directly to the bridle with a larks head knot. There is no need for swivels on dual line kites. Dual line kite lines do not generally twist when flying, when you do a loop one way you then return to where you began with the kite to fly in a straight line. This move will not twist your lines. Swivels will add additional weight to your kite that may effect the flight of your kite.

SPECIAL NOTE: When attaching flying lines to your straps use the same method as attaching lines to a bridle. You must first take two pieces of regular Dacron line and make a loop for each strap. Make two loops the same length ( about 4" each ) buy making a knot in the end of each piece. These loops should look like the end of your pre-sleeved lines ( see photo #1 ). Attach these loops permanently to your straps then attach your lines to the loop knots as you would the bridle knot.

If you purchase straps from Kiteworks, Canada I will put these lines on for you. If you purchase pre-sleeved line sets with straps included you will have to take the line off of the winder to get at the ends of the lines to attach the new loops. I will include these loops at no charge with your order.



Start by tying a simple four inch loop at the end of your kite line then follow the simple instructions below.



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