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4.9 m. Ballistic Eclipse
Available Bridled For Quad Only at this time!

Line Package Included
:Quad line Spectra & Control Bar

All Ballistic kites come with quad lines, control bar and back pack carrying case.

Recommended Add on:Quad Handles

The Ballistic Traction Kites are quite possibly the world's most awesome sport kites. They are portable, easy to fly, with no assembly required and no parts to break. The Ballistic kites are are produced solid, sturdy and user friendly. Flyable with either dual or quad line set up.

Easy to learn on yet compact. Large enough to fly in moderate to heavy winds. Caution should be used by light weight flyers this is a powerful kite in heavy winds. This kite is an excellent choice for that mid range power kite for buggying, snowboarding, skiing, rollerblading or kite surfing.

ITEM # N53403

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