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Jills Dad flying a Pyro XS
Happy Birthday Dad!
This is a great kite for your first stunt kite flying experience. Here is Jills dad flying his new birthday present. Jill says he is working on his loops and stalls. It looks like he has them well under control.
Happy birthday dad.
ITEM # N53261
Three Little Mermaids ?
This is a great kite for your first flying experience. The full line of Surefly kites fly in a wide wind range and are easy to launch. Here is Katie and here friend going for their first flying experience. Happy birthday Katie.
ITEM # N50161
Ballistic 4.9 Power Foil.
This is not a kite for the meek at heart. This is an extream kite with lots of pulling power. Great for traction flyiong or fun just to fly. very Ballistic comes with Back pack carrying bag, Quad Spectra Lines and Aluminum Quad Handles.
Cherry Bomb
This kite was built tough to handle serious demands of learning to fly. This kite is a complete package with 80lb. Dacron lines/winder/strap and a nylon kite bag. A GREAT PACKAGE FOR THE BEGINNER.
2005 Outdoors & Adventure Show
This was our first year at the show and it was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended.
Angles Play ( Robert Basington )
ITEM # 54502
$37.99 (CA)
John Taylor flying the Ballistic Eclipse 4.9 Dual Line Bridle.
ITEM # N53403
Reg. $469.00 (CA)

5' Mirage Conynes

ITEM # N50055
$27.50 (CA)

Mario Pinherio's
5' Mirage Conynes Flying High

ITEM # N50055
$27.50 (CA)
Cool / Hot Illusion
ITEM # N50023
$22.99 (CA)
Sky Guyz
ITEM # N57031
$30.99 (CA)
Winter Wolf
ITEM # N50211
$31.99 (CA)
$29.99 / $29.50 (CA)
Prism Butterfly
ITEM # N54046
$20.50 (CA)
Surefly Delta Kites
Excellent delta kites for all ages. Package comes with line and winder. Recommended upgraded line: #N58055
Recommended winder:
Halo winder # N58025
$27.50 (CA)

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