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Cody Extreme
W 96" x 56" x D 17"
243 x 142 x 43 cm
7-20 mph
200 lb. braided dacron recommended.
This classic American design has been a staple in kiting for a many years. This extreme sized Cody is a kite that requires a strong flyer. Care should br taken when handleing the flying line to avoid serious burns from the lines. Please wear flying gloves when flying kites of this size for hand protection. Any good leather glove will work, the lines will burn through cloth gloves.
Hold on tight in the higher wind ranges of this kite and have help with you to pull in the line. One method of getting the line in is for one person to hold on the halo winder and the other to walk hand over hand down the line as the first person reels the line in.
Recommended line: 500 ft. X 200 lb. braided dacron #N58059
Recommended winder: Hoop winder # N58105
ITEM # N55016
$179.99 (CA)

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