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New Jam - Blue Dream
Additional Design Choices        ( Order now for June 2004 delivery )
W 87" x H 38"
221 x 96 cm
Frame: Avia .230 Carbon
Weight: 11.5 oz
Wind Range: 4-18 mph
150 lb. spectra / winder / straps included. 
You wanted it, so here it is! For years you have been asking Dodd to bring back his original award winning design. Dodd's New Jam is better than ever, featuring all of the characteristics you loved, with added precision, trick ability and less pull than the original. Includes durable Avia carbon frame with APA fittings.
Recommended Lines for light winds : 80 lb. X 100 ft. spectra / winder / strap package  
ITEM # N53222
$139.50 (CA)
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