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Desire UL - Cold
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W 88" x H 39"
223 x 99 cm
Frame: .157mm Carbon
.5 oz. polyester sail
Wind Range: 0-8 mph

80 lb. spectra / winder / straps included. 

The Desire UL is a kite for both indoor and light wind flying without costing a fortune to own. The Desire features a .5 oz polyester sail on a lightweight carbon frame. This kite will perform on days when most kites will not get off the ground. Includes 80 lb high performance Specta line, winder & straps. I would recommend much lighter lines for low wind or indoor flying, possibly 50 lb spectra for light wind days. For zero wind and indoor flying 50 lb. lines are a must. Contact me for prices on 50 lb. lines.

ITEM # N53141
$170.00 (CA)
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