About Our Company

Here at Kiteworks, Canada we have been flying and selling kites for over 20 years. In the past, we have been known to some of the older kite fliers as The Toy Box. In 1995 we dedicated a large part of ourselves and our business to kite sales and kite flying. We now have one of Canada's largest and best selection of single, dual and quad line kites for sale by dedicated kite flyers. If you visit our retail outlet in downtown Simcoe you can be sure to get expert advice from sales staff that fly kites. Feel free to contact me any time for advice or help with a kite problem please drop us a line.

In 1995 we named our kite division of the store Kiteworks, Canada. We had a web site designed and had a limited number of kite product lines that could be ordered by phone. In 1996 we expanded our inventory to include a variety of water vehicles as well as wind vehicles. We were known as Wind & Water Sports / Kiteworks Canada. We have since discontinued carrying the water related products and dedicated ourselves to our true calling, Kite Flying. To all of our old and new kite flying friends we answer to Kiteworks Canada!

Because we are avid kite flyers, we know our product. We have personally flown every kite we sell, and therefore can give you first hand professional advice regarding your purchase, if you request it. From time to time our opinions may differ from other suppliers regarding some of the kites found on our site but these are our opinions of the kites we fly.

At Kiteworks, we attempt to carry all of the kites on our web site in stock at all times. There are times that because of supply & demand we may be out of stock for a short time while shipments are on the way to us. We will make every attempt to fill you order immediately and when necessary will ship your back orders pre-paid.

Kite accessories are something we know every flyer needs, and at Kiteworks we strive to give you the best of everything available. Any time you have a suggestion about a product you would like or any questions concerning kites or kite flying please drop us a line. If you have an interesting kite related site you would like us to link to please contact us, we will get back to you promptly.

In January 2007 we will become an internet only site for a short period. We have closed our retail outlet in downtown Simcoe after over 25 years of being in this location. In the near future we will build a new retail outlet in the Simcoe area. Until that time we will continue to serve our many customers with the same excellent service they are accustom to. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some of our local customers.

Kiteworks Canada reserves the right to discontinue any product or change prices on any product on this web site without notice.


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